Massage Therapy at Blackstone Clinic

Swedish Massage

This massage is good for stress relief leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The main purpose of a Swedish massage is to improve circulation and release toxins from the muscles. Swedish massage affects the nerves, muscles and circulation while promoting health and well being.

  • 30 mins back, neck and shoulders
  • 50 mins full body, back, neck, shoulders and legs

Sports Massage

This is a specialised area of massage therapy developed to assist in the improvement of sports performance. It involves a deep tissue massage which will stimulate the muscular, lymphatic and nervous systems.

Sports massage helps with the removal of waste products from tired muscles and will stretch muscles that have become tight from repeated use.

Sports massage used on a regular basis helps many athletes to maintain their optimal athletic performance. It is also an effective early warning tool used to detect minor soft tissue injuries and treating them before the become a serious injury.

30 mins session working on a specific area for example neck and shoulders or legs.

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