Pilates Tone® is Registered

Pilates Tone ® at Blackstone Physiotherapy is one of the leading Pilates Centres in Northern Ireland. There are currentyl classes held daily from Monday to Friday both in the morning and evenings catering for both male and female clients of all ages.

The Pilates studio is fully equiped with mats, pillows, exercise balls and all small equipment necessary to challenge the body.

Pilates uses subtle, slow controlled movements yet achieves dramatic results. It is a proven toning and conditioning technique which concentrates on strengthening muscles without forcing them and helps to improve posture and flexibility.

Pilates is not new – it was developed over 70 years ago by Joseph Pilates and although it may appear simple and serene, it works deep within the body and delivers astonishing results for all ages and all bodies – Pilates enables you to achieve your desired goal!! The basics start with strengthening the muscles that wrap around the middle of you r body like a natural corset, the key to a strong and streamlined body!

Check out the Pilates Tone website for more information.