Alexandria, Washington DC


Well I have arrived now in Washington DC! Left Chicago today at 1pm local time. On arriving at the airport and leaving off the car I was then transferred to the departure terminal in a little shuttle bus! Once there I reached the check in and unfortunately found out my suit case was overweight! Well it wasn’t actually- I was allowed 23kgs but for internal flights in america you are only allowed 50lbs -so I was 6 lbs overweight and was going to be charged $100! The girl checking me in was very helpful and suggested that I take out some stuff and carry it!! – along with my already bulging hand luggage – she gave me a plastic bag which was about my size and I had to open the case on the weighing scales and take stuff out – what a carry on!! Anyway have picked up my new car – a Jeep Grand Cherokee – very large and managed to get to the hotel. i could see the US Capitol building and the lincoln memorial from the plane!! – Exciting.

My hotel is nice and I asked for a good view so I am on the top floor (12) and have a marvelous view over looking the Potomac River. I am fairly close to the airport so i can sit and watch the planes just coming in one after the other. I have floor to ceiling windows!!
Where i am staying is a suburb  called Alexandria and I am only 1/2 mile away from the old town centre – I went there tonight for my tea and it is just lovely. Really lovely – i will definitely go back tomorrow and take some photos for you!! Shops, outside restaurants etc and so warm and pleasant. Tonight I had tea at a thai restaurant and the food was amazing – I even brought the left overs back with me – they might do me tomorrow for lunch!! Only 2 days now until Ivan arrives and meets in Baltimore on the next course! – Cant wait!

I have just received my daily fax and I have only 4 on tomorrows course so that should be interesting – good to work in small groups but maybe thats a bit small!

Keep you posted – more tomorrow!
Kay x