Well,sorry I haven’t been posting anything but there has been a lot going on here in America – especially on the east side of the country!!Well on Tuesday afternoon we were working away on our course – we heard a rumble start and it just sounded like the train! I knew there was a train track just beside the hotel so that was reasonable! Well, the rattle continued to get louder and louder and then the ceiling started to creak – someone said -‘that’s not a train – its an earthquake!’ – well, just then we all ran to sides of the room beside two¬†columns for some protection and the most amazing thing was that the floor then started to ripple – difficult to believe that you can be standing in a room that you think is completely solid and then everything starts to move!! – I have to tell you that it was very scary!! We then ran up the hall to look out side and i could see the windows of the building opposite and they were swaying – quite unbelievable! After that we gathered up all our things and got out of the building asap! We moved across the road to a green area just opposite the hotel where we felt that if it happened again we would be safe if the hotel fell over!! All I can say is what an experience!!! We continued our teaching under the shade of a tree for the rest of the afternoon.

That evening I went out with a couple of the girls for tea and we all settled down – however when i got back to the hotel you can imagine how I didn’t sleep a wink as of course now I was on the 12th floor!! – just kept waiting for the next earthquake and was wondering how I would get out!! – wouldn’t have of course!

The next day we felt a slight aftershock! I can tell you I was glad to get out of that hotel and on my way to Baltimore! – even though I knew the hurricane was now on its way!! Great! apart from all that excitement – the course went really well and the girls did well and we had a really good time!